Fleet Maintenance Keeps Aeroscopic Environmental, Inc. on the Road – Providing Safe and Healthy Environments


McCarthy Automotive believes in their Fleet Maintenance Program because it works and has helped their clients keep their service vehicles on the road longer and in the shop less.


So, they hit the pavement to tell more local businesses about how McCarthy Automotive’s Fleet Maintenance Program can save them time and money.



McCarthy Automotive Has Tinting Too


McCarthy Automotive announces our new Tinting service.


Tinted windows are not just about looking cool. The harsh California sunshine can wreak havoc on your car, your skin and your eyes.


Window tint hinders heat, cuts down glare and helps diminishes interior fading. Plus, window tinting offers a look that...Readmore

New Service at McCarthy Automotive: Vinyl Wraps


McCarthy Automotive expands its services by offering customers vinyl wraps. Vinyl wraps are ideal for personal and commercial vehicle use.


Vinyl wraps can provide a whole new look for personal vehicles like cars, SUVs and trucks, while protecting the paint underneath. Vinyl wraps are used to provide accents on specific areas...Readmore