Fleet Maintenance Keeps Aeroscopic Environmental, Inc. on the Road – Providing Safe and Healthy Environments

February 28th, 2014 McCarthy Automotive


McCarthy Automotive believes in their Fleet Maintenance Program because it works and has helped their clients keep their service vehicles on the road longer and in the shop less.


So, they hit the pavement to tell more local businesses about how McCarthy Automotive’s Fleet Maintenance Program can save them time and money.


Recently, they knocked on the door of Aeroscopic Environmental, Inc. Aeroscopic has been providing disaster recovery service since 1958. They originally began as an odor and corrosion control company; then evolved to what the industry now calls, “environmental health and safety, restoration and remediation.” Therefore, you can imagine how important Aeroscopic’s service fleet is to their business as well as their customers who are dealing with in many cases catastrophic occurrences.


The Fleet Maintenance team at McCarthy Automotive services the Aeroscopic fleet on a monthly and in some case bi-monthly basis. Aeroscopic has approximately 10 to 15 vehicles comprised of pick-up trucks, box trucks and Chevrolet vans.


Besides maintenance, McCarthy Automotive is on the spot for Aeroscopic should a vehicle breakdown.  McCarthy Automotive dispatches a technician to the site to assess the vehicle as well as a tow truck. The priority is to get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible enabling Aeroscopic to do what they do best – providing safe and healthy environments.

Click HERE for info on McCarthy Automotive’s Fleet Maintenance Program.

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