Oil Change

We all are well familiar with the fact that oil plays a decisive role in the engine lubrication. But the job of the right oil is not confined to the lubrication only, it is also very important in cleaning up the engine, reducing the quantity of pollutants and generating the cooling effect inside the vehicle.
With the unique services of McCarthy Automotive it will be possible for you to get benefited with the finest oil change services available in the market.

Do not wait until the damage has been done. Save yourself the trouble!!


Preventative Approach:

  • *Have your vehicles oil change about every 3 months or 3,000 miles (which ever comes first)
  • *Oil changes are vital in keeping your engine healthy and running like new
  • *Reduce friction in the working engine parts with brand new oil, providing thick lubrication.
  • *Increase your gas mileage, in a day and age where gas is definitely not cheap

Oil Change Services

  • *Drain and remove old filter
  • *Replace brand new filter, and fill new oil
  • *Check to see if all related parts are working perfectly
  • *Synthetic/Regular
  • Oil change Burbank
  • Oil change in Burbank